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Heavy Items You Should Have Delivered From The Furniture Store

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If you have just rented a new apartment and you don't have the proper furniture, then you might be looking to get some new items. Many people like to carry old furniture with them to their new place, but if you don't like your current furniture, then you might be someone who is looking to buy a whole new set of items. This might include a bed, a mattress, and some other items such as a dresser and side tables. Now, if you're the type of person who likes carrying things around and don't think that it's a problem to load up a car with furniture, and this might be alright in some cases, but it's not a great idea in all cases. Not only can you damage the furniture if you drop it and smash it into walls while trying to navigate hallways, you can also damage your body (especially your back). So it might be a good idea to skip some of the more heavy and large pieces. Here's some things to have delivered.


If you are getting a heavy oak dresser, or really any heavy wood dresser, then you should definable have it delivered. These are just super difficult to move because of the sheer weight. Even if you remove the drawers and try and move it piece by piece, the entire body is still quite heavy even lacking the drawers. It's also something that you don't want to bang around and chip. If you try and move it into an elevator and bang the walls, then you risk hitting the veneer and making it look scratched up just after you've purchased it. It's just easier to have it delivered.


Some beds you can bring to your apartment yourself (especially the ones that are not one solid piece). If your bed is made of slats and several long pieces that are attached, then you can easily move it yourself. However, any large, heavy wood bed, or many platform beds for that matter, need to be moved by professionals. You can speak with the furniture store about their delivery process. It might also benefit you if you went ahead and had the furniture store also deliver your mattress. Many furniture stores will have a combination of mattress and beds for sale.

Coffee Table

A coffee table, even if its not heavy, might be something you want delivered by professionals. This is especially true if you're getting a glass top coffee table. These might not be heavy, but if you make any mistake lifting them up and down stairs or out of your car, you could break them and be out the money you spent. So, again, this is something you leave to the professionals.

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