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Living Room Furniture Ideas For A Studio Apartment

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Studio apartments may sometimes be short on space, but there are many great options you can use to furnish your home. With the right living room furniture, you can define the space and create separate living areas. Here are a few ideas you can use to help make your studio apartment feel more like a cozy home.

Create A Wall

To provide privacy for your sleeping space, consider investing in a large bookcase. Place the bookcase a few feet away from your bed to create a partition. Use the shelves for storage by placing wicker baskets or cloth bins on the shelves, and hang photos or wall art on the back to decorate your bedroom area. The bookcase you choose should be wide enough to conceal your bed and tall enough to create the appearance of a separate room behind it. Another option for creating a wall is to invest in a large wardrobe to define the space. The doors should face toward the bed to give you an additional closet, and the back of the wardrobe should face the living area. As with the bookcase, you can hang wall art on the back to dress up the wardrobe.

Invest In A Sofa Sectional

Sofa sectionals provide ample seating space for you and guests, and the L-shape helps to create the borders for the living room space. Smaller sectionals are similar to traditional sofas, but they have an attached ottoman or chase lounge at one end. You can also find sectionals with seating on each side for added room for guests. Be sure that the sectional is set up so that it doesn't block the bookcase you are using to separate your sleeping area. You can find sectionals that are reversible, which means they can be arranged to fit your furniture arrangement.

Choose Hidden Storage

If storage space is at a premium in your studio, look for furnishings that offer hidden storage. This might include an ottoman with a removable top and storage space underneath, or it can be a coffee table with built-in cabinets and drawers. You can also find end tables with cabinets for storage space to hold magazines, blankets, and other small items. Consider using a short chest of drawers behind one side of your sectional to serve as a console table for even more storage options. If you have a sofa instead of a sectional, this chest of drawers can also help you to define the living area.

Visit your local furniture store to find more pieces of furniture you can use in your studio apartment. With the right additions, your studio apartment can appear to have multiple rooms without having to do any renovations.