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Buying Furniture After Adopting A Dog? 3 Tips For Longevity

After adopting a dog, you may be curious about what kinds of things you'll need to do differently in your home. If you're currently searching to buy new furniture for your home, there are a number of things that you should prioritize so that you make the best purchase. Damage can be a real issue that can lead to disappointment with the furniture you buy, making the following tips great things to implement when visiting furniture stores.

Choose Washable Fabric Covers

Whether you're buying a new sofa or dining chairs, it's a good idea to look into having the ability to remove the fabric covers from the chairs and services. This will allow you to throw them into the wash and give them a deep cleaning whenever needed. It's likely that your dog will hop up onto the furniture from time to time, leaving hair and other messes that can be an issue.

Choosing fabric covers that are machine washable can allow you to give everything a deep cleaning without some of the concerns that spot cleaning furniture that doesn't have removable covers can come with.

Avoid Fragile Furniture That Could Get Damaged

As you begin comparing different furniture for sale, you'll likely notice of the materials can play a big part in how safe they will be with your pet. While you may like the look of a glass coffee table, for example, this can be a bad choice when you have a dog that has a lot of energy.

This is due to the glass being easily broken if your dog were to jump onto a surface. Choosing more durable furniture can ensure that it lasts for many years to come and that you won't be worried about it getting damaged due to your dog.

Consider Keeping Your Dog Off of Furniture

While you can prioritize certain features to ensure that the furniture will be as protected as possible against your dog, it's a smart idea to look into training your dog to stay off the furniture. Not only will this help extend the longevity of your furniture, it will also open up more options for furniture to buy for your home.

This would allow you to choose lighter shades of furniture fabric or more delicate furniture without as much of a concern due to your dog knowing to stay off the furniture.

Preparing to buy furniture for your home should include considering what features are going to be the safest when you have a dog. With the tips above, you'll feel good visiting a furniture store and knowing what kinds of pieces of furniture will be the best fit.

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