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Three Reasons Why You Should Always Put Cushions On Wood Chairs

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If you have ever sat on a wood chair, then you know that sitting on one without a cushion is very uncomfortable. Why have your guests sit on wooden chairs with no cushions when you would never do it yourself? In fact, if you buy wood cross back chairs with cushions, you would save yourself and your family and friends from a series of problems. Here are some reasons why you should always put cushions on wooden chairs.


Sitting on a very hard surface for a long time, be it a wood chair or a cold metal bleacher seat, tends to make one's buttocks very sore. Some people have buttocks that "go to sleep" after sitting on these hard surfaces, and then it is too difficult for them to stand and move about. Placing cushions on these sitting surfaces alleviates all discomfort, making it easier to sit longer.


When wood chairs get really old, they have a tendency to wear down and splinter. Ouch. Every time you get up or sit down on a worn wooden chair you run the risk of getting a splinter in your thighs, buttocks, or nether regions. That not only hurts, but it is also nearly impossible to remove a splinter you cannot reach and have to ask someone else to remove for you. If no one else to whom you are really close is nearby, then the situation can get quite embarrassing, too.


Wood chairs have a tendency to collect odors over time. Continuously washing the wood chairs results in wearing down the finish. That, in turn, makes the chairs less attractive and causes issues with splinters in places you do not want splinters. At least with cushions on the chairs, you never have to wash the seats of chairs because you can just wash the cushions. Buy

Cushions with the Chairs

If you are going to buy new wood chairs, buy cushions with them. It resolves all of the above issues before the issues can even begin. Yes, it might be a little more expensive this way, but after some time you will realize that the extra twenty to fifty dollars you spend on each chair cushion is well worth it. By and by, the cushions end up paying for themselves because you are not paying for cleaners and furniture restoration expenses.

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