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The Four Washing Codes Found On Upholstered Furniture

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Upholstered furniture is usually marked with a code that allows you to know how the furniture needs to be cleaned. You should know what these codes mean and always check for them before buying upholstered furniture so that you know what to prepare for when it comes to keeping the furniture clean. Here are the four washing codes that can be found and what they mean:

  1. W: If there is a W on your furniture, it simply means that you can wash your furniture with water. This also means that this piece of upholstered furniture is the most durable option. If it can be cleaned with water, it means it can withstand many different kinds of spills and stains. You definitely want to have this label on your upholstered furniture if you are buying dining or living room furniture, especially if you have kids. 
  2. S: If there is an S on your furniture it means that you will need to have it dry cleaned. If you attempt to wash with water, it will leave water marks. Getting this furniture specially cleaned is important and you should have it done on a regular schedule. If it's furniture that is used often, you will want to have it cleaned more often before it has the chance for stains and dirt to become set in. 
  3. S/W: Furniture with a S/W label can be a combination of water cleaning and dry cleaning. This means you can spot clean small areas, but if the furniture becomes really dirty, it's better to leave it up to the professionals to ensure that it is thoroughly cleaned. 
  4. X: An X code means that the furniture cannot be cleaned at all, but instead can only be vacuumed to remove dust. If liquids are used on it, it will become ruined, which is commonly seen when there is a texture to the fabric that would be removed if the item were to be washed. If you have concerns about any stains, it's best to talk with professionals about what can be done to it in order to guarantee that no damage is done from any attempt to clean it. 

When you know what each washing code means on upholstered furniture, you become a better shopper, which ensures that you are more able to realistically keep the furniture in your home as clean as possible. Be sure that you know what the washing codes entail and be mindful of your living habits and situation. To learn more, contact a company like Heritage Custom Furniture