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Analyze Bedroom Details To Figure Out The Right Mattress Choice

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When you move into a new home, you may end up selling or donating your old mattress. This means that you will need to go shopping for one shortly after moving in. One option is to purchase a mattress that is similar or identical to the one that you owned before. Another way is to analyze your bedroom details to determine which mattress will work best for your needs.

Available Space

If your old bedroom was small, you may have had a full mattress to mesh with the space. This small of a bed can make it difficult for two people to sleep on and have room to stretch out. You may even feel limited on your own if you are tall because the length is only 75 inches.

In your new bedroom, you may have more than enough space to get any bed. If you have been thinking about a king or California king mattress, you should determine whether you want the bed to be longer or wider. An average height person may prefer the wider bed because they know their feet will not hang off the edge even if there are several rows of pillows at one end.

Bed Usage

Analyzing what you are going to use the bed for is helpful while you are shopping. If you like to read or use a laptop in bed, you may want to get a king mattress because it is the widest option. This will allow you to move towards one end of the bed and give your partner extra privacy. This may be enough to reduce the noise and lighting so that your partner can sleep comfortably.

Another thing that should help in deciding your mattress purchase is who will be on the bed. If you have several cats and dogs that you know love to sleep in the bed when they can, you may want to feel the need to get a king mattress over a queen one so that your pets can fit easily.


The thickness of a bed is a helpful measure to use for your purchase. If you like being closer to the ground, you may want to get a thinner mattress. This will also help if your bedroom has hardwood or tile floors and you do not want your pets to hit the floor hard when jumping down.

Considering these details when buying a mattress will ensure you are happy with your decision. Contact local mattress stores for more information and assistance.