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How To Refinish Patio Furniture

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You can breathe new life into an old piece of patio furniture by refinishing the surface. Refinishing hardwood can be a fun project, even though the work is a little tedious. You definitely need to have the basic skills and supplies to refinish wood. This article is about how to refinish patio furniture. You will see that it is a great project, but it is one that requires some patience, attention to detail, and thoroughness.

Remove the Old Stain

Removing the existing stain can be difficult. On some pieces, the stain will come off easily with just light sanding. In other cases, the stain might be stubborn, and you will need to vigorously sand it to remove the stain. You can't really determine how difficult it is going to be until you actually start sanding.

Sanding will require two types of sandpaper and steel wool. You start with the roughest paper first. A medium-grit paper (anywhere from 60-100) will be coarser, so it will be able to rub off the old stain more easily. Then, you can step up to a fine-grit paper (over 150) to make the wood a little smoother and remove any remaining stain. Finally, you need to smooth out the entire surface using steel wool. This is going to make the wood completely smooth and ready for the stain.

You can use vibrating power sanders for the majority of the sanding. However, if you take this approach, then you will need to make sure that you also have handheld sponge sanding blocks that you can use to sand the tight corners that the power sander can't reach.

Applying the New Stain

Before you apply the new stain, you should wipe down the wood with a wet rag to clean it. Once it dries, you can start to apply the stain. The best way to apply stain onto hardwood is just with a lint-free rag. You simply dip the rag into the stain and then spread it onto the wood by hand. This works better than using a paint brush because the stain is very runny (almost like water). Make sure you re-mix the stain can frequently to keep the mixture consistent.

Most stain jobs are going to require several coats. You need to wait for the stain to dry completely between each coat. You also need to smooth out the stain with steel wool between each coat. So, you should wait for it to dry, then rub it down with steel wool. Then, you can apply the next coat. It usually takes several days to completely the job since you need to spend so much time waiting for the stain to dry.

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