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Mattress Options, From Cheapest To Priciest

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Do you sometimes wake up in the morning with back pain? You've probably outgrown your current mattress; you need to change it if you are to continue having a restful night. Or maybe you are just starting out on your own and are wondering whether there's something out there for you.

You spend seven to eight hours every night on that mattress so it's important that you get it right. That does not mean you have to break the bank.

So what mattress options can a furniture sales team offer you?

Thrift stores under $200

It is said that cash is king, but even with a tight budget, you can still get a mattress in goodwill. In goodwill, donated items are cleaned and sold. If you intend to get a good bargain, check stores located in affluent neighborhoods. You may get high quality stuff at under $200.

On Craigslist, you will get a used mattress at under $100.

Memory Foam Mattress

A ladder higher up from second-hand stuff, you'll find mattresses with a memory foam gold standard. For this, you are advised to browse through online stores.

Some online stores will offer a queen-sized bed at under $400. Besides that, you may be required to fill a questionnaire to determine which mattress is right for you. Others will offer either memory foam, innerspring or regular foam for your queen sized bed for between $400 and $700.

Mid-price Range, 800-1800

This is where customization, luxury and modern materials converge to meet different needs. If you have a partner and you have different weights and sleep styles, the stores will ask you to fill in a questionnaire so that they can

customize each side.

You have the option of a hybrid of latex and foam with a loose bounce. This does not overheat even if you prefer sleeping cold. Then you have anti-microbial mattresses made of copper-infused wire. These will offer a germ-free, cooler sleeping environment for as low as $820.

High End Luxury, $ 1800-over $5000

On the high-end market you will come across mattresses made of all natural latex. You can adjust the firmness on each side, depending on your preferences. They also have a comfortable bounce back. Some of these mattresses come with four latex layers.

It is important to stress that expensive may not equal comfort. Whatever option you choose, take into account your budget, your sleep style as well as your needs. That way, you are assured of both a good bargain and a good night's sleep. Contact a company, like, for more help.