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Three Reasons Why You Should Shop Mom-And-Pop Furniture Stores

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"Mom and Pop" stores are local stores that have been in business for one to one hundred+ years. These small businesses often offer a unique selection of goods that the larger chain stores do not. If you are shopping for furniture, here are three reasons why you should shop the "Mom and Pop" furniture stores in your city or town.

1. These Stores Are Dependent upon Locals and Tourists

As independent furniture stores, these stores are dependent upon you and the other locals to stay in business. The only other business they get are from tourists, and it is unlikely that most tourists are going to buy a couch and fly it home with them! If you do not purchase furniture from them, they may eventually have to close their doors.

2. Local Stores Can Offer Things Like Amish-Made and Handmade Furniture

The Amish and the Mennonites bring their hand-made furniture into these smaller local stores for sale. They, too, rely on the locals to purchase their hand-made goods because they do not mass-produce and do business with the big chain stores. The Mom-and-Pop furniture stores have signed agreements with these groups of people that ensure the sale of the goods for profit. When you shop these stores and "buy Amish," you do more than support your local furniture store; you support your local Amish and Mennonite groups too.

3. If There Is Ever a Problem with Your Furniture Purchase, the Local Store Will Fix It

If your dining room chair has a loose spoke, or your couch upholstery is frayed, you can take it to the local shop and get it repaired. Have you ever tried that with a national chain of furniture stores? No, because the chain stores are supplied with furniture from warehouses and they do not provide repairs. Local Mom-and-Pop stores often provide simple repairs to furniture, as well as all new and/or custom upholstery. 

Stroll Downtown or Down Main Street Today

To find these local furniture stores, all you have to do is take a stroll down Main street in your town or downtown in your city. Sandwiched in between bars and restaurants are all of the little shopping boutiques, and in the midst of those, you will find these furniture stores like Chris Furniture. It does not take more than ten minutes of your time to walk through and see if there is anything you would like.