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Creating A Rustic Design Theme In Your Dining Room

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If you want to give your dining room a makeover that combines vintage charm and a warm, cozy feeling, a rustic design theme can be just the thing. To pull off this look, you'll need a few essential pieces in addition to decorative items. Here are a few things to look for as you begin planning out your dining room update.

Antique Chandelier

Antique chandeliers don't have to be ornate pieces dripping with crystals and gold accents. In fact, some antique chandeliers offer quaint rustic and country charm. Wagon wheel designs, for example, deliver a hint of Wild West style, while chandeliers consisting of old lanterns offer frontier or pioneer inspiration. If you can't find an antique piece that's properly wired, you can find reproductions at your local furniture store. Keep an eye out for designs that combine wood and wrought iron elements, along with seed glass shades and Edison-style light bulbs.

Distressed Wood Buffet

The buffet can be a focal point in your dining room, and it can also provide a handy way to serve guests at dinner parties. Some buffets come with attached hutches, which can add to the overall rustic theme in the room. To pull this look off, you'll want a piece crafted from distressed wood, such as barn wood, with a simple silhouette. Antiqued hardware and accents offer a perfect touch, but remember that you can always switch out the hardware if you find a great piece you love for the room.

Bench-Style Seating

Ditch the formal dining room table for a long design with bench-style seating. This provides more of a casual, rustic look, and it makes it easier to fit more people at your table. The benches can be adorned with cushions and pillows, or they can be left as-is. Choose matching chairs for the ends of the table, and consider a unique placement in the room. For example, placing one of the benches along the wall and situating the table in front of it can create a restaurant-style dining arrangement in your home. If you chose this option, you can hang a chandelier in the center of the room and use coordinating pendant lights above the dining table to create a cohesive look in the room. The pendant lights also provide the perfect amount of illumination for dinner parties and family meals.

Once you have these essential pieces picked out, you can begin to look at paint colors, flooring, and decor pieces to finish your rustic dining room makeover. For more information, contact a company like Pegaso  Gallery Design.