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Choosing Between Contemporary And Modern Furniture

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There are so many options in furniture that it can be overwhelming when you furnish your home. A helpful guideline is to choose the basic style you want and choose pieces that go together so your home has a uniform appearance. Unless you like antique or vintage furniture, you'll probably choose from modern or contemporary. Here's a look at the difference between the two.

Modern Furniture Is Classic

You can't go wrong with modern furniture. It has a classic look that isn't outdated or too trendy. This is the furniture that has been popular throughout the 1900s and up to today. Modern furniture has had its phases too, as tastes and materials change over the years, but for the most part, it's held to a basic appearance. For instance, dining tables and chairs made from solid wood are modern pieces of furniture that have been in homes for generations.

Modern furniture is defined by the material it's made from as well as the color and texture of the upholstery. Classic lines and basic colors are popular choices that go with any décor and can be livened up with colorful pillows and throws. Most furniture stores have modern furniture in several options so it's easy to outfit your entire home in pieces with elegant, classic lines.

Contemporary Furniture Is Trendy

Contemporary furniture follows trends. It may be in style one decade and look outdated in the next. Examples are plastic dining sets in bold colors from the sixties or aluminum table sets from the fifties. Today, contemporary furniture takes on many styles so you can choose a look that's unique to your home. You may want plastic furniture with curving lines or furniture made from metal and glass. The materials that make the furniture as well as the color can date contemporary furniture to a timeline in the past.

What's contemporary today will be identified with this point in history in the future. While contemporary furniture doesn't provide a classic look, it makes your home look trendy and on the leading edge of design. You may love this look if you're an artsy person or if you like to be different. You'll find many options in contemporary furniture, and finding just the right pieces may take looking at several stores. The hunt for the right pieces of contemporary furniture adds an element of fun to furnishing your home. You can find both contemporary and modern furniture in furniture stores, so making your choice is a matter of deciding on the decorating theme of your home.