Choosing New Furniture: Remember to Plan

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Are You Giving Your Family Room Furniture a New Look?

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Have you decided that the furniture in your family room needs a new look? Perhaps you really like the furniture pieces you already own, but you know that they need a face-liftFrom arranging for custom upholstery services to adding throw pillows and other accent pieces to the room, here are some ideas that might help you.

New Upholstery

If you truly love your family room furniture already, why buy new furniture, right? Instead of buying new furniture, have you considered having it professionally upholstered? By selecting new fabric for your sofa and chairs, you'll be able to keep the furniture you like, yet you can choose to set a new mood in your family room. For instance, you might have decided to give the family room a western feeling. If so, consider selecting leather for the upholstery. Another fabric you could choose for that type of setting would be denim. If you decide on denim, consider choosing red or yellow denim for a different look.

For something a bit more formal, think of selecting a floral design for your upholstery fabric. Bold stripes or paisley would be another idea for a more elegant look. If you're undecided about which fabric to select, the custom upholstery service will have individuals who will be happy to help you find exactly what you want from dozens and even hundreds of fabric choices.

New Accent Pieces

No matter which materials you select for your upholstery fabric, consider adding interest to your family room by buying throw pillows to place on the sofa and on some of the chairs. For example, if you selected leather for a western look, consider buying throw pillows with things like cacti, cowboy boots, and cowboy hats as part of the design. If you went with an elegant solid fabric for your upholstery, consider buying print fabric that will complement the solid color you selected.

Think of other ways that accent pieces will add interest to your family room. For example, if you went with a cowboy theme, consider framing pictures of your family all dressed up in cowboy attire. Or, select cowboy movie posters to place on the walls. If you went with a more elegant look, frame pictures of your family in Sunday dress, or select paintings that will go in gold frames. As you shop for accent pieces, remember the fabric you have chosen for your upholstered furniture and choose decorative items that will complement that fabric.