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How to Choose the Best Living Room Furniture for a Smaller Space

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Do you live in a smaller living space? If so, then you know how hard it can be to make the space comfortable without overcrowding your smaller square footage. You want to put living room furniture in your home, but you don't know how to pick out pieces that won't quickly take up all the room you have in your space.

There are ways you can put living room furniture in your home without making a smaller living space appear tinier as a result. Here are tips for choosing the best living room furniture for your smaller living space.

Go With Neutrals

The best living room furniture for your living room is anything neutral: stick to gray, white, cream, tan, eggshell, and other neutral, lighter tones of color for your small space. Lighter, neutral tones will match existing home decor better than darker furnishings will and will help lighten up a smaller room, giving it the appearance of being brighter and larger.

Avoid Over-Decoration

Stay away from furniture that has large pillows or overly stuffed features and furnishings with tall legs or very high backs. Shorter, more streamlined furniture will take up less room and be less loud in your small space. Overly decorated and patterned pieces can crowd your smaller living room or make it appear too busy, so stick with simple and comfortable pieces you love. If you do want to add more color and personality to your living room, do so with just one conversation piece, like a settee or footstool.

Don't Overly Match

If you are sticking to all-neutral furnishings, you want to alternate between one or two colors. This way, you end up breaking up a more monotone style and making your living room appear larger as a result. To create dimension in your living room, don't create a pattern with your furniture, but rather, mix and match your pieces unexpectedly but still in a matching fashion.

Be Open Minded

If you have a single style in mind for your living room, you may be surprised to find that another style is more suited for your living space. Have an open mind when you go to the living room furniture store and allow your sales specialist to assist you in selecting pieces you'll love. When you go in with an open mind, you end up buying items that you wouldn't have thought of otherwise that really work out to please your personal taste and your home's square footage.