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Pros And Cons Of Using Clear Plastic Chairs In Your Office

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If you're looking to change your office's seating options, it's a good idea to evaluate a variety of different chairs and brainstorm what might be appropriate for you. While your employees will still likely favor traditional office chairs at their desks, plastic chairs can be appropriate elsewhere, including the boardroom, in the lunch area, and elsewhere. One option that you'll likely come across is the clear plastic chair, which you might be able to buy from a retailer that has large quantities of used chairs. Here are some pros and cons of using this type of chair for your office.

Pro: Sleek Appearance

You'll often find that clear plastic chairs have a sleek and modern appearance, which can make them a valuable addition to your place of work. Many companies seek office furniture that gives them a youthful, cutting-edge feel, and this type of chair may qualify. This can especially be true if the back of the chair has a modern-looking shape, and the legs are of modern material, too, such as brushed steel.

Con: Potential Of Feeling Uncomfortable

There may be some people in your place of work who feel a little uncomfortable about the idea of sitting in a clear plastic chair. For example, someone who is overweight and feels self-conscious about his or her physique may prefer a solid chair that hides his or her backside. This type of person might not want to use the clear plastic chairs that you buy, thus leading to the need to buy additional chairs of a different type.

Pro: Spacious Feel

A major advantage of choosing clear plastic chairs is that their transparent nature helps to prevent a room from feeling cluttered. When there are several chairs in a space — for example, in a boardroom — the space can look smaller and more cramped than it actually is. Peoples' ability to see through the clear plastic means that they won't be focusing on the chairs and the space that they take up.

Con: Potential For Damage

Clear plastic chairs don't hide damage very well. For example, if you have an employee who wears his or her keys on his or her belt, the sharp edges of the keys could scratch the clear plastic. This can especially be true if the person sits in the same chair with considerable frequency. The scratches will be visible from both sides because of the chair's transparent appearance. Whether you choose to buy clear plastic chairs or opt for something else, your local office furniture store can help you.

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