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Shopping For Furniture? 3 Tips For Staying Focused In The Furniture Store

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If you are like most people, venturing into a furniture store can be exciting, relaxing, and incredibly distracting. With hundreds of different furniture setups and a variety of different themes, it can be easy to find yourself thinking about investing in a piece of furniture you aren't even looking for. Here are three tips for staying focused in the furniture store, so you walk away with exactly what you need.  

1. Narrow Your Search

Before you enter the furniture store, think about exactly what you need for your home. Do you need a dining table and chairs or a new sofa for the living room? When you enter the store, only look at those types of furniture pieces. Oftentimes, furniture is separated in the store based on the room it belongs in, so don't venture into other areas like home office or kitchen spaces.

As you search for pieces, avoid the temptation to add to your previous plan. Give yourself permission to roam freely only after you have chosen the furniture you need for your home.  

2. Bring Photos of Your Space

Another tip for improving your chances of a successful shopping trip is to bring photos of the space you are thinking about supplementing with new furniture. As you shop, keep the photos handy on your phone, and refer to them frequently so you can decide what would look good in the room.  

If you already have your living room partially decorated, pay attention to the colors of the objects you already have, the textures present, and the size and scale of the things in your space. Select furniture that melds well with those pieces, so you can create a more streamlined look.  

3. Talk With A Salesperson

You might be unfamiliar with the entire showroom, but a salesperson might know the space like the back of their hand. While many people are tempted to do their own shopping and avoid salespeople, the fact of the matter is that they are there to help you, and they can be an excellent resource.  

Give a salesperson all of your furniture criteria, including the size, color, material choices, and brands. Having a list can help to make this step easy. Ask where to go in the showroom to find what you need, and let them be by your side to help.  

Remember, your furniture shopping journey should be fun and enjoyable, so only go to a store where you feel positive energy. Think about what kind of space you want to create back home, and work on one room at a time. By making positive changes to your house, you can create the kind of environment you love.