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Reasons To Outfit Your Airbnb With Luxury Furniture

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There are two schools of thought about choosing furniture for your home if you list it for use on a site such as Airbnb. One option is to choose low-end furniture in case you occasionally have guests who are rough or messy, and another choice is to buy high-end furniture. Even if you're leaning toward budget furniture, it's worthwhile to think about the many merits of using luxury pieces. Should you decide to move forward in this manner, you can visit a luxury furniture store and find the items that will augment the look of your home. Here are some reasons to outfit your Airbnb listing with high-end furniture.

The Listing Photos Will Look Better

A major factor in a person's decision about which Airbnb listing to rent for a night or two is how the listing photos look. While you can still make your space look appealing with low-end furniture, there's little doubt that high-end pieces will dramatically improve how your photos appear. The right furniture and other decorative pieces throughout your home will give your listing photos a major wow factor, and this may cause you to be able to rent the residence out more frequently.

You Can Charge More

If you decide to outfit your home with luxury furniture items and market it as such, you should be able to charge more per night. Running an Airbnb is all about making money, so you'll likely appreciate being able to charge a higher nightly rate because of the posh surroundings that you offer your guests. Even a small difference in nightly rates can add up. If you feel that your high-end furniture allows you to charge $25 more per night, and you rent your space for an average of 10 nights a month, you'll earn an extra $250 a month.

The Unit May Get More Publicity

Your guests will likely be excited to use your home with its high-end furniture and may be keen on showing off to their friends. For example, if you have a luxury four-post bed, some of your guests may snap selfies next to the bed and share these images on social media. If you've made a social media presence for your Airbnb, some of your guests will tag you. This can mean that when their friends see their postings, they'll also see the page for your listing — and they may decide to have a look at it, too. To find the right bed for your needs, visit a company like Mathews Furniture + Design.